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Andrew Marino

Andrew is Co-Founder & President for Unik Advertising. In his role, he provides company leadership, strategic insight, account management and oversees a team of professionals providing digital media services to a variety of clients across a broad spectrum of categories.
Throughout the course of his 20-plus-year career in digital direct marketing he designed, deployed, analyzed and managed over 5,000 email programs for leading clients. He specializes in developing strategies for integrating digital media into an overall marketing matrix including traditional direct marketing.  
His successes led him to become a managing partner at BannerDirect in 2009, and then later, the director of account management in the programmatic digital media firm, MediaCrossing, where he founded the account management division. His history of success has led him to found similar divisions at MorningStar Media Inc., 43 DPI LLC, and BiggerFish Marketing—the creative agency partner of Unik Advertising, LLC. 
Andrew is the author of dozens of business articles, white papers and guest blog posts on email- and digital marketing. He’s also spoken at a number of marketing industry conferences.  He is at work on his new non-fiction book, 101 Rules for Digital Marketing Your Small Business.

He has two beautiful children, and lives and works in New York. When he’s not working or writing, he can be found…. writing. Yeah. He’s the author of several successful novels and is always at work on the next.