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Unik Email Verification

You design perfect email campaigns. 
We ensure your customers see them.

Your email campaigns are perfectly crafted, timely, targeted and compelling. There’s just one problem: Your customer may never see them due to invalid email data.
A primary reason that email messages aren’t delivered is invalid email data. Unik Adv’s Trust Builder Email Verification System cleans and verifies your email lists, ensuring your emails are delivered to high-value customers and prospects, so your campaigns can work their magic and drive response rates.

Did you know that 20% of email addresses go bad within just one year? If just 5% of your email list is bad, you can expect a dramatic drop in deliverability for your email campaigns, which will drag down your results and reputation.

Invalid email addresses increase bounce rates, consign your emails to rejection or the junk folder, and damage your sender reputation, which can result in blacklisting or banning by your ISP.

Unik Trustbuilder solves the problem by cleaning your email lists to completely eliminate invalid or risky data and boost delivery and performance. Use Unik Trustbuilder to validate your complete email list all at one time. Just upload your data and then quickly download your results for a clean list that will improve your campaign results immediately.

Why Unik Trustbuilder?

With Trustbuilder, send email only to real users.  Separate poor-quality data from high-value contacts. Protect your reputation, increase open rates, and save money.

  • Hit the in-box of more customers and prospects
  • Grow sales, revenue, marketing ROI and long-term value
  • Boost customer engagement and strengthen relationships  
  • Avoid deliverability problems and issues
  • Eliminate hard and soft email bounces
  • Prevent ISP blacklisting and bans
  • Stop wasting money on undelivered emails

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Unik Trustbuilder Email Verification

Quickly verify your email data to assess quality and deliverability for each contact. Improve campaign performance, drive segmentation decisions, and maintain a high data quality standard.

Strong campaigns with emails lists verified by Unik Trustbuilder spell email success.  No need to ever email from a bad list again. 

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