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About Unik Advertising

Positioning Statement:

For traditional- and digital marketers looking to establish reliable and continuous touchpoints, Unik Advertising offers the premiere email and postal database that provides the best deliverability and data in the industry because Unik Advertising, and only Unik Advertising, connects you to your audience in the least intrusive, most responsive channels available at a fraction of the cost you’re most-likely paying.

What makes Unik Advertising unique.

By working with us, you and your messages stand out.

  • By working with a database that has more than 150 segments, we are able to pinpoint down to your best prospect.
  • By working with new technology, we’re able deploy your message across various media for optimum performance.
  • By working with real-time tracking, we’re able to tell you what’s working and just as importantly, what’s not.

Founded in 2009, Unik Advertising is a full service, electronic media advertising agency dedicated to the growth and progress of our valued clients.
The Unik Advertising database is composed of over 220 million email address and 200 million postal files. We have the ability to target consumers and business worldwide by utilizing numerous life-style selects and SIC segmentation.

Our products and services:

  • Email deployment, append and reverse append
  • Postal Lists
  • Digital Media Advertising

Plus, with our Real time reporting, same day tests/prep’s, 24-hour or less turnaround time on counts, you and your clients have the ability to monitor statistics as they happen.

Our ability to provide powerful data services for marketers at all levels—from Fortune 500 companies and their agencies to small businesses looking to maximize their marketing dollars—is what makes us truly unique.

Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

Meet the Team

Anthony and Andrew, the founders and principals of Unik Advertising, have over 40-years’ combined experience in education marketing. Their intention in founding the company was to combine superior options for youth-marketers with seasoned experience and deep understanding of online marketing—while providing excellent client service.

Anthony Bumbaca

Since January 2009, Anthony has been an integral part of Unik Advertising International’s success, serving as
Co-Founder & CEO
with extensive experience in digital marketing
and sales management.

Andrew Marino

Andrew is Co-Founder & President for Unik Advertising. In his role, he provides company leadership, strategic insight, account management and oversees a team of professionals providing digital media services to a variety of clients across a broad spectrum of categories.