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Email and Postal

Unique Advertising begins here!

Unik Advertising is the premiere provider of email, digital and matching postal data. Our goal is to provide the very best in responsive database marketing. With stringent quality control standards, our email data are among the best performing in the industry.



We can deliver your HTML or plain text email to the in-boxes of hundreds of millions of email records. But by custom targeting by any combination of fields such as age, income, zip code, school, major, year of graduation, diversity, and more, we can pinpoint with accurate granularity your best prospects and those most likely to respond to your unique offer.
We will work with you to choose the best recipients by helping you select any combination of 700 fields of data including school, geography right down to the zip code), major, year of graduation, occupational field, diversity, illness, presence of children, financial information and more.


What you can expect:

  • Every record is double opt-in and CAN-SPAM Compliant
  • Select from over 700 fields, including diversity, school, graduation date, major, GEO, postal address, citizenship, age, gender behavioral and lifestyle interests
  • Full tracking reports, including quantity, opens, clicks, click-through rates
  • We will manage any unsubscribe requests that arise from your communications so you won’t have to
  • Image hosting and web-browser viewing included
  • Client-provided tracking pixel handling available, if desired



  • There are usually no additional fees for key selects.
  • Targeted emails can be sent as plain text or a graphical e-mail (HTML) with no price differential.
  • Costs do not include creative development. Our team of seasoned email experts—strategists, artists and copywriters–can assist you with creative development, if you need it

Anticipating Response

While many variables affect the ultimate response, such as product/offer, timing, creative, etc., we generally use “the 10% rule of thumb.” For planning purposes, you can typically expect an open rate of 10% percent and a click through rate of at least 10% percent (although Unik Advertising typically sees much higher metrics for its responsive data). We guarantee 100% email-deliverability.

Retainer Contracts Not Required

While always welcome, most of our new clients find retainer contracts not necessary, and instead purchase a targeted email campaign on an as-needed basis. We find this gives our clients the power to test our services without having to commit to contracts.

Please feel free to see our: Email Terms & Conditions


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